WAY-316606: Seems very promising (video)

Thiese videos give a good basic run-down of what WAY-316606 can do.

Looks good, hope it pans out. I personally would prefer a hair-multiplication method that can implant permanent hair-but a drug is fine too so long as it does the job and has minor side-effects, preferably none and is not too costly.

Based on the pics it certainly seems to produce much more hair than finasteride or other drugs so that’s really encouraging. It always seems we’re so close to a cure but always out of reach, like the donkey and the carrot. At this point I’m willing to try anything that shows real potential.

How can the before/after pictures possibly be genuine if the clinical trials in humans haven’t taken place yet? (As far as I know they have only experimented with hair follicles that were donated by hair transplant patients, and they haven’t attempted to restore a full head of hair.)

Good question @News could be either that these pics are merely the best case scenarios of where people were taking the drug for bone problems, and experienced hair growth as a side-effect, OR that they have nothing to do with WAY-316606 at all, and they’re just being used as an example of what the drug COULD do, based on growth of the donated follicles.

I wonder what side effects this treatment. Other osteoporosis drugs have significant side effects.

The videos say that WAY has no bad side effects unlike other osteoporosis drugs.

Sorry Roger, but do I have to get excited listening 2/3 of the story of some chinese fellow speaking about how bad is finasteride in minoxidile??? although the photos are phenomal. And for me, if they can replicate this on every person, it’s a cure.

I was thinking about the same thing, could this be just a simulation of the kind of results they hope to achieve?

It’s just stock photos being used, they’re nothing to do with any tests they’ve carried out so far. Reading around, it appears that no matter how promising it sounds, and it does sound promising, we’re heading for yet more years, and years of trials. The drug is available to lab researchers here

Our best hope is someone with MPB who works in that field getting hold of some, and trying it on themselves, apart from that, it appears we’ll be waiting a long time while it dissapears into the great trial abyss, like every other development.