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Wahl hair clippers sale


wahl hair clippers sale
Wahl 79524-1001 Deluxe Chrome Pro with Multi-Cut Clipper & Trimmer, 27 Pieces
I have now used the clippers a couple of times and can say that they are a great product. It was very sturdy in my hand and felt like a professional quality trimmer. There was no jamming or binding of the clippers - it glided through my hair with no problems (although I do have fairly thin hair, hence I cut it very short). I only used the trimmer and not any of the attachments - I cut my hair very short using the blade only and no length guide - so I can’t comment on those. However, I must agree with other posters that the case could use some work - all of the pieces pretty much fly around loose in the case and there really isn’t a good way to store everthing. Wahl should have designed the case differently, so that there would be a place to put each accessory (kind of like how a CD binder works). Again, this doesn’t affect me much since I don’t use the attachments. I highly recommend these clippers and would recommend to a friend in the market for doing their own trimming at home.