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Veca"s case with Dr. Nigam


Dear Friends ,
I opened this thread to share my experience with you. I am 31, from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and losing my hair for 10 years. Hair loss for me has a very negative psychological impact. Recently the psychological state deteriorates and becoming more antisocial. Although , I am a child who survived the war, and I’ve gone through a lot of trouble in my life , but this is a hurdle that can not be overcome. I fight with hair loss for a decade. At first I started using Roughj topical…somewhat stabilized seborrheic dermatitis but does not stop the hair loss. After that I started using minoxidil, which has worsened the situation with dermatitis. 5 years ago , a dermatologist gave me a prescription to start using finasteride. Finasterie only slow the process of hair loss , but it did not stop. 4 years ago I decided to do hair transplantation in Zagreb ( Croatia ) at POLIKLINIKA PANTOVCAK … FUE method 750 grafts , transplanted on the front of the scalp. A year later , I decided to do another hair transplantation. This time FUT method. This time transplanted 600 grafts in the crown. And a year after that , the same method another 1,000 grafts on the front. FUT method has left this ugly scar. I decided to go to the clinic, Dr. Nigams to solve my problem . I intend to do video recording of the entire trip and document the case , how would the rest of our community learned the truth about Dr. Nigam . I intend to make a documentary film.

Dr. Nigam will explain what he plans to do in my case . I gave the case to decide it to him, that is because…Simple I have great confidence in him.
The procedure is scheduled for 13 November .

Here are my photos. I took the photos with my cell phone. If you have some criticism regarding quality of images please tell me . Each of your suggestion is welcome. Sorry for my bad english.


Dobrodosao u klub. :slight_smile:

Hi durent,
I wish you all the luck with procedure, do let us know how it goes.

ps, your hairloss is really not that bad!


Bananana…where are you from, how do you know about Severyna??? :slight_smile: thanks my friend …


I’m from Croatia. :wink:

I’m also planning a procedure at dr Nigam, but still waiting to see how his improved HM technique will work. I’m pretty diffuse, so I think that might do the trick. I dont know how your looks grown out - but your current situation is not so bad (except the REALLY visible scar).
FUT should really be banned…

Anyways, as soon as I see some results from the latest technique, I’ll be up for a session.


Hehehehe great! My “neighbor” :slight_smile:

I hope that Dr. Nigam can fix this scar. We’ll see …


I too hope, my friend! :slight_smile:

Good luck with everything and keep me informed!


Durent, your hair loss isn’t bad at all. You don’t need Dr. Nigam to fix your scar, you need a plastic surgeon.