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Vancouver Conference with IHRP, Tanniar Leba


Vancouver is a great city, the people are beautiful , and everyone at the conference was extremely nice and I felt truly humbled and emotional at the kind words.

I have shunned conferences for 13 years . This was the first in all that time…dont get out much.

I will say more about this later, but it was a pleasure to meet Joe Tillman ( jotronic) and his lovely wife.
I know we have locked horns, gone back and forth, agreed, disagreed etc…we will no doubt disagree again but he impresses me as a good man . As did the other doctors there.

Dr Ray Woods


Dr. Woods, why did you change your mind about attending these conferences?


Wow, from Australia to Canada!! I would be very reluctant to take on such a long trip, I hope you were flying first class Dr Woods :slight_smile: