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Unwanted Drama


I got a phone call from a person yesterday. He asked me who I was. I was like what do you mean who I am? He said that a “clinic” mentioned my name to him and asked him if I was in contact with him. They guy said no to the clinic in that I had not ever been in contact with this guy. The guy was then curious as to who I was, then googled my name and found my number online. He called me to find out why that clinic asked if he was in contact with me. I told the guy I don’t know but that I apologized for him having to go to all of the trouble to find out who I was for nothing. (Nothing because I abide by a mutual agreement).

Obviously there was no contact with me and that person with the exception of the person contacting me yesterday.

I could have sworn that there was a binding court ordered agreement by a clinic and me. Now why on earth would someone be asking about me to people I don’t know.

Things that make you go hhhmmm.

Oops i forgot to mention that when the guy called, my cell signal was poor so the phone call disconnected in the middle of our conversation.(something many of my friends experince when I am on my cell phone at home). The guy called back and left a lengthy voicemail message detailing why he was calling, and what clinic was asking about me. He apologized for having to call me but was curious about who I was in reference to the clinic mentioning my full name. Thankfully I saved that message. Below is a link to the message.

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