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"Unofficial" How To Take Photos Video


Ok guys, here it is. I’ve finally taken the time to put together a video on how to take proper photos to send to your clinic of choice. It is a subject I’ve spoken about for years. I get so many pictures from people wanting an evaluation that are out of focus, taken in bad lighting etc. that I decided that I should do what I can to inform people how important good photo taking is.

The video is long, and boring, so I tried to spice it up a bit with my quirky sense of humor, hence the “unofficial” moniker:)

“Unofficial” How to Take Photos for Clinical Evaluation


Summary of Points:

1.) Think about what you are doing. You are submitting photos for a SURGICAL evaluation. Don’t leave this task to a cell phone camera, regardless of megapixels. Higher megapixels does not equate higher focus and higher clarity. Go to Walmart and buy a 100.00 camera!

2.) Don’t hold the camera at sixteen different angles above your head. This will increase the likelihood of camera shake which means a blurry image. Place the camera on a shelf or counter top and “pose” for the camera. If you have a tri-pod then use that.

3.) Don’t take photos with the light source behind you. This “blinds” the camera. Have your main source of light behind the camera.

4.) Be sure to include the left profile, the right profile, the top, the back, donor area density and the full frontal face image. These are confidential so they won’t be used publicly. Doctors need to see the height of your hairline relative to your eyebrows for perspective.

5.) If you had had HT surgery in the past then by all means SHOW the donor scarring, be it strip or FUE. This one image can make or break an evaluation so be sure to include it.

6.) Don’t style your hair the way you normally do to hide the weakness. You can’t expect the doctor to make a reasonably accurate evaluation if you are hiding what concerns you. Expose the weakness as much as you can.

7.) DON’T USE FLASH. This makes your hair look completely different than in reality.