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Two FUE operations from Ankara Turkey


Hi All…

This is the first post of me. I will share the operation pics from the FUE Clinic in Ankara, Turkey in my posts.

I have examined the recent posts and I know what kind of pics that you all demand. Bright, from different angles, wet etc.

This first post contains 2 old operations’ pictures. So I know they are not at the exact quality and variaty that you are looking for. For the following posts I will instruct the clinic to shoot better and various pics.

Do not hesitate to share your opinions/questions.

Thanks and Regards.

Ibrahim Q.

Case 1

2200 grafts(40-45 grafts for per cm2) has been transplanted in April 2007. Pics has been taken a year after the operation.

There is no toppic, powder etc. I have seen the result by myself. It is same with the pics.




Case 2

2450 grafts(40-45 grafts for per cm2) has been transplanted in June 2007.
Pics has been taken 10 months after the operation.






Here is another operation…

Case 3

Operated in January 2006. 2195 grafts has been transplanted.







i couldn’t see your pictures.


» i couldn’t see your pictures.

I also added the links of the pics from uploadpic.org but I will upload them to the imagineshack and share the links soon.



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