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(topical) cyproterone acetate or spirolactone


which one of the 2 do u think that is better?


» hi!
» which one of the 2 do u think that is better?

cyproterone acetate is better i think!
+much better is flutamide
This first clinical study demonstrated that flutamide 2.5% solution is effective in the topical treatment of acne vulgaris.No systemic side-effects reported.
the study is here… http://informahealthcare.com/doi/abs/10.3109/09546639709160275?cookieSet=1&journalCode=jdt

and here study compare cyproterone acetate, flutamide, finasteride *orally

Comparison of the clinical efficacy of flutamide and spironolactone plus ethinyloestradiol/cyproterone acetate in the treatment of hirsutism: A randomised controlled study


azyx whats up man!!!i was looking about these two stuff to add them to my regimen…but i ve changed my mind on this cause i dont think they work very well through the things i read…
by the way i m Joda from the greek forum and roi is my nickname in the foreign forums!


azyx, I see that you are using a lot of Ketoconazole , does it help? I thought we are not supposed to use Keto that often, I think Nizoral shampoo instructions say only 2 times a week.