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Tissue Engineering of Hair Follicles: new research by Jahoda & Christiano


Assuming it works, when do you think is the soonest it could hit the market somewhere in the world?

Are you going to try to get it as soon as it comes to market? I am.


I’m sure it’ll be available clinically in Japan and maybe some other places in Asia (S. Korea, Taiwan, Singapore?) well before North America. That is despite the fact that once the US hair docs find out how much it’ll make them, they’ll step up pressure to get it approved in the US. Yes, I plan on getting it as soon as possible after comes out on the market in Japan. I won’t wait an extra 3-4 or whatever years for approval of this in the US.


Love to hear it.

Same here.

Are you as optimistic about it as I am?


I’m optimistic about the procedure itself, but it’s possible there may be more delays. Just because Dr. Tsuji said something to the effect that “clinical application” would be in March 2019 doesn’t mean that will actually happen on schedule.

Here is a direct quote from his letter from July 2017:

"We are now trying to challenge of the expansion of human-derived cells and plan to do the clinical application in human at March 2019."

I think “clinical application” refers to an application for clinical trials, rather than availability of the treatment in clinics. I don’t know how long the trials would take, but we do know that Japan now has a fast-track for clinical trials and approval of biotechnology of this type (cell therapy, tissue engineering, etc.)


Yes, and doesn’t that fast track allow them to proceed to market after phase 1?

And isn’t phase 1 just one year long in this case? I mean what would be the point to dragging the 1st trial past 1 year when it will only take 6 - 10 months to determine the treatment works or not?

I wonder if we could do another discussion with Team Tsuji where we ask them if we can put together some questions to submit to them and they agree to answer those questions as best as they can?


As I said, I’m optimistic about the procedure… I don’t think it will produce picture perfect hairs, but it will produce as much hair as you’re willing to pay for, and that’s a very good thing.

But I’m going to be quite honest with you, I am PESSIMISTIC about this thing being released any time soon, even in Japan. I don’t trust this “March 2019” thing. That is just what they’re saying, don’t you believe it.

I think that rather, given the record of major delays, with HM projects dragging on and on for years without clear updates, the same thing will probably happen with Dr. Tsuji’s project, too. I think that even with Japan’s fast track trials process, there will be serious delays. Just my opinion.

I could be dead wrong about this, but that’s what I think about something solid happening in March 2019 or for that matter anytime in 2019.