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Tin peptides more efficent than copper peptides


I know that some of you are using copper peptides to try to help those “budding” hair follicles after wounding experiments. I thought it might be interesting to know that according to Dr Loren Pickart, the inventor of the copper peptides in Tricomin, Folligen, Follipro, Hair signals etc, tin peptides are actually more efficent for hair growth than copper peptides (see his posts on the skinbiology forum for details). That does not mean that they are necessarily better for the Follica procedure, since tin peptides do not possess any of the wound healing qualities of its copper counterparts. They just supposedly improve hair growth more.

However, since the best results with copper peptides are achieved when they are used every other day or so, they could possibly be used on alternating days with tin peptides.

Tin peptides are available in Dr Pickart’s “Folligen for blondes” product.

And no, I have no relation to skinbiology or Dr Pickart in case you were wondering. And I can’t vouch for the product, since I haven’t used it myself. This is just a heads-up.



I tried Folligen several years ago and it was like spraying acid on my scalp. I must have a very sensitive scalp. It did nothing for regrowth and would give me terrible headaches.