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This photo is why I think you guys use up too many grafts


» Let’s cut the bull here.
» Tons of guys are getting moderately aggressive transplants right now on
» the idea that MPB will be more effectively treated/reversed in the coming
» decades.
» (And don’t kill the messenger. I’m not saying I agree with the idea on
» principle, I’m just pointing out the obvious truth that it’s happening.)

Well here is my view & why I wanted to have a transplant - I would rather go through my 20’s,30’s, 40’s & hopefully 50’s with a pretty much full head of hair through transplant/s & meds - enjoying everything as much as possible without worrying about my hair than go bald & not enjoy my life.
What am I going to be able to do when im 60 or 70, collecting a pension & not being able to do alot of things I could in my 20’s - I certainly won’t be out pulling girls when im that old so I wont care about my image when im that old because most of the people the same age will be bald or thinning hair.

Just my feelings on it :slight_smile:


LOL…I actually think he looks okay…not bad at all. I agree that he could look a lot worse if he was totally bald.