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This is why hair transplant is not an option

After the intercytex news, I was thinking of getting a hair transplant and move on with my life. But after I saw some of the pictures in the transplant forum, it really really really makes me think twice about doing that.

Cysts taken out from hair transplant patient’s scar, wtf man !


I have never seen this type of issue before these pictures were posted on the HT Forum. I take it that you have not seen any of the more recent pictures of both strip and FUE results. I think that you are selling yourself short if you think that these pictures are anywhere near normal results in HT. There are some very fine surgeons out there doing excellent work. A little education goes a long way…

By the way, I have had five strip procedures and two FUE procedures and never had any problems like the pictures depict.

i would be more concerned about future thinning and leaving an island of dense hair surrounded by balding area,than the pics you show

strip is becoming less prevalent as far as transplants, and lots of guys go for FUE, which involves no strip

the number of times I have seen cysts such as the pics you display , is zero, and it probably involved an untrained doc

lots of guys on the transplant forum went to untrained docs, and go to the 10 or so super docs we have here at hairsite, to get their scalps repaired

you do not see stories of inferior work done by the good docs on hairsite, most have extensive HT training. Now that is not always the case with all HT docs. Some just train for a two week course and put a sign on their door HAIR TRANSPLANTS…that is why Dr A is always stressing the importance of surgeon training

I was crossing over to the HT forum too after the Intercytex news but I am still not prepared to do a HT just yet. I guess I need closure on subject. Tell me there is no more HM in the next 3 years and I will get a HT now. But Intercytex said the results data will be available in September 2008, what the hell does that mean?

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