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Thin donor area ? consider this


Over the last couple of months we have had some patients seeking FUE for follow up treatment after strip surgery.

All of these patients have very thin hair and bellow average donor density. They all had previous FUT surgery and either had a bad experience or where told they had too much scalp tightness to continue with strip surgery.

The problem for these patients is double :

  1. Since large FUE sessions need a fully shaven donor area the scar, small or large will show for several weeks or even months.
  2. Since they are already very thin in the donor area it is not possible anymore to harvest large amounts of grafts using FUE since it will start exposing the FUT scar due to furhter thinning.

Basically these patients are now stuck in a very unwanted situation. They have need for further hairtransplantation but by doing so it will reveal signs of surgery.


What is the purpose of this post?


you could be talking about me specifically, although i know your not, over six yrs ago i went to woods and spent my life savings and shaved my head, i had to wear a bandana for 4 months because i had to hide my extensive scarring, recently i posted pics b4 and after of beard hair work i had with umar, what was clearly obvious was the lack of any visible enhancement in the scarred area i had transplanted by woods, you can imagine how this impacted any sort of normal life i hoped to have. umar has improved my situation and given me hope that i might be able to live normally again, i would like to offer some advice to those seeking transplants, depending on their norwood classification, if loss is extensive, then i would suggest having a strip with one of the more popular clinics that post on these forums, followed by fue to maximize yield, lower norwoods should have fue only, but these critea should be based on age, predicted future loss etc, i think if people adhere to these principles donor damage/repair and cost would be minimized, and life could be resumed in a timely manner, as repair is very costly and time consuming,


I was inlclined to reply to this post because of a close relative of mine that this similar situation happened to. His transplant was done years ago when the strip surgery was just beginning. He was left with a huge scar and another transplant was needed down the road. This is an interesting topic to discuss because many people are not given proper information by the clinics they visit. I was lucky to see first hand someone close to me go through all of this. When I made a decision to get a FUE it was based largely on his experience as well as the clinic I went to (armani), explaining what the procedure entailed. I am in my mid 20’s and wanted the opportunity to wear my hair short still. The decision I made to see an experienced, well known doctor can be attributed to past mistakes my relative made. This post is important to everyone thinking of getting a HT because they need to understand to see an experienced doctor. It is a life changing event and should be treated as such. Everyone’s situation/age/donor area is different and needs to be considered. A 20 year old with a scar and still receding hairline is different than a 50 year old with a ton of donor hair and no more receding occuring. I hope this post helps people think more when deciding.


I remember your case years ago you were badly badly scarred. Head hair Fue , Body hair Fue Jones. Wolf , Rahaul, revisions apparently were not the answer. But these have worked on others in the past. Even Dr. Umars first sessions you were not happy with . But now the thickness of beard hair seems to be your answer in the scars . Just keep hitting it with beard hair a few sessions. You should be real upset with the fist doc that did this to you.