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These chicks (and 3 guys) want you to have hair




Wasn’t this the scientist from Belarus who ran a well-known hairloss website back in the early 2000s (the name of the site escapes me now). It was a pretty good site, as I recall.

On the other hand, the description of the new technology in that article is not convincing. If this enzyme or chemical or whatever is secreted by bacteria in the scalp, or can be with some genetic tweaking, I have a few questions…

  1. What is it and why haven’t we heard of it before?

  2. If it just “breaks down DHT” that’s probably not good enough, because if the DHT has already gotten to the scalp and hasn’t been inhibited with a competitive inhibitor (or suppressed at the source, 5 alpha reductase), then it’s already probably too late.

  3. Can you imagine how hard something like this – genetically modifying scalp bacteria to secrete a foreign chemical – would be to get approved by the FDA and most world other regulatory authorities?

  4. If it turns out this really doesn’t need clinical trials and regulatory approval, then it probably isn’t very much of a breakthrough anyway – more likely a quick attempt to cash in and dash.

  5. And lastly – where are the results, or are they just speculative?


Thomas Whitfield calling? :smiley: