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The story of a hair transplant – Part 1 - Introduction


Hello all, my name is Joseph Feury and I am going to talk you through the process of dealing with hair loss. I am 30 now and I have had three hair transplants to date, so I know what is involved. I will now be having another hair restoration procedure on 3rd and 4th of September, and here I will be describing the entire process with pictures and my experience and of course results achieved.
I am going to talk you though the process of having a hair transplant, to what you can expect to achieve and the entire process of hair loss, hair restoration and the solutions. There are different options to consider when experiencing hair loss and I want to guide you along the right path, however, the choice of hair loss is difference for each person depending on certain factors such as donor supply, hair type therefore I am here to help you make you choose the right choices for you in either achieving a natural head or hair or accepting your hair loss.
To tell you a little about me, my name is Joseph Feury, I am 30 and have had three hair transplants to date; I began losing hair at the age of 18. My hair began to recede from the hairline so I had my first hair restoration procedure at the age of 21, I did not tell my friends or family, I knew I wanted to do this, so I did my research and booked my procedure. Hair restoration was not a big thing when I had my first procedure, so I did my extensive research; if I had talked and looked for advice from family, friends who were uneducated about the process, they would have tried to convince me to not do it. Following the first hair restoration procedure I have had two other procedures around the hair line and middle area. To this day, because of my hair transplants, people do not know I have ever been losing hair, I have decided to keep on top of my hair loss and not let it keep on top of me.
Now my hair is looking great, but there are some patches beginning to appear… I have now decided to undergo a fourth hair transplant to make my hair look as natural as possible and act now when it is not noticeable, so that people do not detect that I have had hair loss. For this procedure I will document everything, from the build up, to the procedure, to the recovery time and the hair. I am very excited to be having my fourth procedure, and hopefully I can show people the entire process of having a hair restoration procedure.
I have had all my hair restoration procedures with DHI Global and I am doing my fourth procedure with DHI Global in Athens on 3rd and 4th of September; I will be posting pictures of me now, coming up to the procedure, the procedure itself, the aftercare, the results and the total experience.
If you have any questions along the way, need any advice just ask and I will give you the correct answer for you, and what you will achieve.