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The radical breakthrough that can regenerate skin and hair


Check out article, looks promising. It regenerates skin and hair in burns, right now it’s proven effective in pig trials, soon it’ll move to humans. (warning: some may find the images to be disturbing).

While of course it’s not a direct cure for hair loss I figure if they know how to regrow skin, perhaps they can take a patch from our scalp where permanent hair grows and use it to give us an endless supply of hair potentially.

If it can’t be used to fix balding, at least it can be used to heal permanent scars, I think that would pretty amazing on its own. Plus it might even help soldiers with severe injuries and burns.


I hope something develops from this technology. I work at Dr. Cole’s office near Atlanta. Many of his patients are medical doctors and researchers. As I type, a surgeon is in our surgery area having a small area of thinning hair repaired. A few years back, a researcher who had access to research dollar stats, mentioned that there is a great deal of money being spent to support hair-related research. Not so much to find a cure for MPB, but he explained that a better understanding of hair growth or lack of growth, is valuable because that knowledge can be applied to many other fields of medicine.

-Chuck at Dr. Cole’s office


Good to know, hopefully we’re closer to a cure than we realize.


No disrespect, but hair loss researchers are probably the worst former medical students who didn’t make into well financed departments for programs like cancer or cardiovascular disease research. and then they found scratching a living from a few private investors while their counterparts successfully grew and implanted human bladder from cells.


@Otter that’s not true at all. Most serious hair loss researchers (as opposed to hair transplant doctors) have a PhD, some have both an MD and a PhD degree. Universities do not give out PhD’s in subjects like cytology, biochemistry, pharmacology and tissue/developmental biology to anyone, a lot of study and independent research are required. I think you’re getting hair loss researchers confused with hair transplant surgeons. Yes, it takes a lot of work and study to become a surgeon, but nonetheless it seems a lot of HT surgeons are not really interested in the intricate details of the hair cycle and the structure and function of the follicular cells. They’re interested in more “macroscopic” work.


Roger, you greatly misunderstood me. Phd is not equal to Phd. Same like tennis player is not equal to another tennis player. Same like F1 car is not equal to another F1 car.
That is what I meant.


Sometimes the truth hurts. Many of the world life changing discoveries are from people who have no college degree. Those who have followed this site for years can attest to the fact most of the work these PhD’s complete never amount to anything useful. It is always “More research is needed” which translates to invest more money in my project.


“Sometimes the truth hurts” - WTF, that is the same slogan used by Joe Tillman, Spencer’s side kick on TBT Radio. It’s a pretty embarrassing slogan for Joe. He may be the first person to have documented his hair transplant procedure on the internet, but I hate to break this to him – HE STILL LOOKS BALD.