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The Nizoral


I have been off the cream now for a week since it spooked me and seemed to be causing a shed

, the crown definitely now seems to have a lot of new baby hairs

it is mostly in the whirl pattern, a definitely noticeable area

the front top that was thinning, in my mind, is suspect, after i wash it with this new shampoo and it dries, it seems to look pretty ok, but it still seems a bit thin to me

is it thinner than when I started? I am not sure my old shampoo left my hair a bit limp and greasy and made my hair look much worse, so switching shampoos seems to make the hair look a lot better, but that area to me still seems thinner than I remember, but I cannot say for sure

may start back on the niz cream about twice a week, maybe three times If i dont see any thinning or shed

so far my results are…mixed

however the area that is the easiest to judge is the crown, zero hair there before, now a lot of babies in the whirl pattern and the rest of the crown seems better than it did a month ago…still there is way less progress up there than would be worthy of a before after shot like gc1961 posted, however, hopefully in 6 months it will be even better

for those of you who say, hangin, you just posted that you are stopping niz
and u dont like it , etc etc, yes you are right

my hair looks so different every day, one day i think hey its working great, the next day i think hmm not much progress or it looks worse

why the changes day to day , im not sure
possibly the progress is so fragile and small and hard to see that some days it is very detectable, some days it is not