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The Hand that Touched Rogain Foam - Became Hairy!


Interesting to note how the hand that was used to apply rogain foam had significantly thicker hair after just 3 months. Below is a shot I took form the balding blog where a man sent pictures of his hands for comparison. The right hand was used to apply the foam.

Not only does this prove that minoxidil works ANYWHERE applied on the body, including the hairline where skeptics believe it does not, but this also proves that touching it with fingers to apply absorbs quite a bit; and this small amunt absorbed by the finger(s) effected the entire hand. Therefore, I think it would be wise to use rubber gloves, or what I do is tightly wrap a piece of plastic bag around my finger and discard it afterwards.


Some guys use the foam to grow thicker beards.


it works for eyebrows too.


For most it does not grow hair at all…no matter where they put it on their boby. Well…maybe if they’d put it in their as*crack…that would grow some hair there.