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The final countdown


Hey everyone!

So summer is approaching and i feel that there is no better time to get my HT but this summer. i will have some time off work, and it would be a great bday present from me to myself

I have narrowed it down to a few doctors all within the LA area.
I feel that i will get the best results here localy in the LA area.

I have made my list by comparing results, noticeabitlity, and hairline structure. I feel that to really be satisfied with my HT. i need to have the most natural look as possible.

I will post my list in a few days, because i still have a couple consultations left to go to.

I hope i can get some feedback to help not only myself. but others that would view this post looking for the same thing.


I tend to think winter is a better time to get a hair transplant.


[quote][postedby]Originally Posted by ipod[/postedby]
I tend to think winter is a better time to get a hair transplant.[/quote]

Why does it matter winter or summer? Hair is hair. Does it really make a difference whether to have a hair transplant in the summer or winter?