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The fault of good Hair transplant doctors


These pictures are representative of a number of cases that visit us and, undoubtedly, the other good hair transplant doctors too.

A part, atleast, of the blame that such type of surgeries are still performed, worldover, lies with all the good hair transplant doctors.

Patient 1 - A NW 6 patient

Patient 2 - A NW 6 patient


The fault lies with the good hair transplant doctors of today.

Both of the patients above got hair restoration surgery performed in recent times from doctors who, besides their medical qualification, were members of various hair restoration organizations.

In their eyes, if they went to a doctor who had the certificates and impressive memberships, they should have got better level of care then what they got.
That is expected in all other fields of medicine. So, the patients are not to blame.

The doctors that operated upon them are not to be blamed entirely too. No one told them they have to have a particular level of training or expertise. They were accepted as members of the hair organizations without formal training requirements. So, its fair on their part to assume that hair transplants do not require much expertise or training.
(Imagine being awarded membership of a paediatric/opthalmic organization without being a paediatrician/opthalmologist).

This is not entirely the fault of the organizations either. They came up at a time when there was no recognized teaching courses for hair transplant. When putting too much stress on quality of the hair transplant doctor’s skills would have meant that almost no one qualified.

A big part of the fault lies with the good hair transplant doctors of today.

A lot of time on these forums is devoted to oneupmanship.
At the same time, many among the good doctors patronize organisations that permit any doctor to become their member.

That is very sad and harmful to doctors as well as future patients.


No other professional organization would permit membership without verifying the credentials of the applicant.

In case of current hair restoration organizations, these credential requirements are absurdly low.

  1. The good hair transplant doctors should establish long term training facilities at their centres.

  2. The doctors should get together and form a more credible, non profit organization that requires a particular level of training and verification before granting membership.

While these simple steps will not immediately stop bad hair transplants, it will act as a first step towards gaining a more respectable status for the field of hair transplant.

  1. Since most of these doctors have an inflated ego (I am no exception either), so the organization should not have the frills of heirarchy. No President, Vice President, Chairman etc.

Let the doctors contribute with what they concieve as the necessary training and qualification for future hair transplant doctors.

All consensual and logical requirements should then form the starting point.

I look forward to hearing fellow hair transplant doctor’s opinions and advise.

Dr. A


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Dr. A, can you at least tell us the countries where these HT were performed?


» Dr. A, can you at least tell us the countries where these HT were
» performed?

Dear therapy,
We see such and similar hair transplants being performed in almost all parts of the world. No country, it seems, holds a monopoly when it comes to bad hair transplants.
Bad hair transplants needing repair have come from Americas, Europe, Australia and Asia. And yes, they have had the bad hair transplants performed in the past 5 years.

Its the same story everywhere.

Dr. A