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Sunburn 3 weeks after hair transplant


Hi, I had a hair transplant three weeks ago and yesterday I forgot my cap and had two stay close to two hours under heavy sun. I was not really sunburnt but I had a red and sore scalp. After 3 hours soreness disappeared but at night I used some Rogaine on my head and soreness came back and disappeared again after taking a shower. According to your own experience do you think that I could have damaged my grafts?


It doesn’t sound like it to me, but I would contact your clinic to get your doctors opinion.


As with any surgical procedure, stayingawayfrom sunshine is advised when having a HT. This is to avoid contraction or dilation and hyperpigmentation of both the scar of the donor area and the transplanted zone. It might dislodge grafts under extreme conditions as harsh combing or pulling.But odds are low. The only advice to be given is: DRINK 3 litersof water per day for 3 days. You may also want to hydrate the scalp but emollient creams are a bit risky on fresh operated areas. Here is what I’d do: wash your hair, apply some emollient cream while wet, massage, wait 10 mn and wash again with the antiseptic soap you must have been prescribed.