Strange requests from doctors aspiring to do hair transplants

This is a screenshot that explains a lot. This … doctors asking for technicians will spell the doom for the art of hair transplants.
Its strange that the doctors do not realize that such roaming techs will plant roots and go.
But issues like non-growth, ugly scars, etc. will be a problem that will plague the doctor and his patient alike.

Please let me know if you have any inputs on how to improve the situation.
This scenario is common in USA, Europe, Asia, Australia. It is not exclusive to any one country.

Dr. A

I dont see anywhere in the message that the person or people is requesting employees or family member trained. All I see is location which can mean anything. I dont understand your post.

I think the doctor was looking for a part time or one of those on call technicians to do a surgery :slight_smile:

Quite possible… I came across more such requests too. Asking for technicians part time. Scary but true.

That was my reply to them that instead of hiring technicians on day to day basis, they should get themselves and their relatives trained.