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State of the Art FUE hair restoration Belgium


Belgium is worldwide known for chocolate and high quality FUE hair transplantation.

Pictures: Prohairclinic

Final result, 2 years after his treatment of 3000 grafts.


Here a ‘compilation’ picture of before and after.


Not bad for only 3000 grafts, that cover almost his entire top and hairline. I hope to see some photos showing what the scalp actually looks like completely shaven after having fue done.


Here is a pictures taken right after the procedure.


Thanks but that s not what I was asking for, I have seen enough of these post op photos, they are everywhere in the forum. I was asking for a shaved head after the patient has healed and the new fue hair all grown in.


And what makes you think this patient will shave his head for?

He wanted hair, and shaving is most likely the last thing he is thinking of.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: