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Special Thank you to Dr. Woods


I just wanted to post that I returned from Sydney last week and had another session done. I wanted to thank you Ray for the dedication throughout all of these surgeries, all of which have improved me vastly. Dr. Woods truly worked another miracle in being able to extract grafts for me. My donor since I started was never strong but somehow he was always able to extract a good number of grafts for me. We used nape and beard hair on this session as that was all that was available. I appreciate his honesty on my body hair and agree that it would not give a good yield as it is too fine. Some doctors would sell you on it regardless of its quality. The utilization of grafts has been excellent and all areas have been improved. The most recent video will show how a very, very bad case has really turned around. Now for those who think that any Dr. Can turn around a case like mine and get a full head of hair- That is not the case nor did I ever expect that. I am surprised it turned out as well as it did considering the scar tissue, arteries that were severed and lack of donor hair available. I would love to get my head of hair back that I had at 16 but I have more hair now than at age 21. Everyone who gets transplants must be realistic and expect good coverage but density is not always going to be as it once was. I am here to be honest and can say that I am very pleased with the work that I received. I wished I had more donor ( perhaps I have a small- Repeat small amount left ) but will state that I believe that over 98% of my grafts have grown in from the past surgeries. I only lost one graft in all of the surgeries that I had performed due to me scratching my scalp once- My fault. A genuine Thanks again and perhaps next year I can go back to sydney to let Dr. Woods see the results in person. Friends and family tell me that I look better in person than photos and this has always been the case not only as to hair but my over all features look better in person. I look forward to visiting Australia again and seeing you ray next year. I Just wish it were not so far- I am still trying to get back to my time zone. ( 17 hours behind) lol.


Diamond, it’s good to hear that everything has been going well for you. It’s so hard to discern fact from fiction in this industry. With all the marketing including the many forums what is fact and what is hype? It’s always good to hear from a patient that has been through the wringer because you get an honest answer.

I know we would all like to just move on but hopefully you will stick around to help give some balance to the forums.

Best wishes on the growth to come.


diamond6 nice write up. All the best on your final result.


» diamond6 nice write up. All the best on your final result.----------Thanks Franklin and topcatt I will stay in touch from time to time with the forums. Good luck to you both also.