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Somewhat of an TRC-trial update


I contacted the Farjo clinic regarding trial recruiting, this is the (automatic?) response:

Thank you for your enquiry regarding the clinical hair trials. Unfortunately at this time the phase II trial is now fully recruited and we are no longer looking for participants.

Intercytex are hoping to hold further clinical trials later in the year but at present the trial design is under development and there are no timelines. When further information is available it will be posted on the Intercytex web site, Please feel free to consult www.intercytex.com for potential updates.

Thank you again for your query.

The first part should (?) be refering to the last cohort (8 people) that was mentioned in september. But what are the further trials later this year? Phase 3? (unlikely) phase 2b?
Regardless it is positive they are moving a long so quickly. Unless these further clinical trials is in fact the last cohort of 8?