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SMP Shaven look Example Prohairclinic Belgium


This patient had specific goals which could not be met using a hair transplantation.

Therefore both patient and Prohairclinic agreed to opt for Scalp Micro pigmentation and focus on the ‘shaven look’.

Pictures taken before and right after the second treatment at our clinic in Belgium.


It is about 3 months later since his SMP treatment at Prohairclinic Belgium.


Why do SMP hairlines look so straight and very unnatural, cant you simply achieve natural look or its challenging with ink,

you will never see someone with hairline so straight, looks artificial and it is a giveaway

smp sucks for hairline, how about getting some fue for frontal third and the rest smp


Believe it or not
But most of our smp patient want that low and straight hairline. Personnaly i do not always like it either.

In fact some of these guys demand extreme hairlines. They do need to sign a waiver.
They are really exited about the results. Some even send us gifts!


Show me one with a fine no hairline hairline
your doing good work Bart but you know me