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Sing - 3220 fuht - 1 yr update - (Dr. A\'s Clinic)


Patient Nickname - Sing

Sing had a 3220 FUHT (+ 20 bht) at our clinic.

The after pictures have been taken by the patient himself at approximately 1 year after the procedure.


After 1 year





These pictures have been taken by the patient (approximately 1 year after the procedure).


Excellent!! That’s a striking improvement. Though it’d be good to see some photos with your hand not in the way. It gives me a lot of encouragement, I’m a NW 3/4 so I think I have plenty of donor hair to give me decent coverage when I’m able to have my HT done. I just hope my hairloss has slowed enough to make it worthwhile.

I’m also sort of holding out for Acell to see if that can be the cure we’ve all been waiting for (coming out soon). For those who don’t know, it regenerates skin/tissue and hair successfully on animals and its believed it’ll do the same for humans. So basically you could do a strip HT, use Acell which will heal the wound completely and provide new hairs to transplant until you have a full head of hair.