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Seems number of experimenter is growing


We’ve had two reply for people who would try in short time.

I’ve talked with other 5-6 man interested .

But most of people have no idea (or little ) about the procedure ,and so i’m not sure they are very able to take a decision with consciousness.

I mean, nobody may be sure about safe but we know some users have a lot of knowledge in field ,

I was thinking to write a post where we can riassume the most important variable ,the drugs used and the other basic info with the most iportant observation about the possible variables that could have interdicted the process.

But should be this dangerous /irresponsible ?

I’m not sure about what it’s happen… i’m very interested to crack the code
(even if i think will be quite hard),i’ve take a decision… but i can’t ignore other people .

i think would be only better ,because out there there are already the info…
so the approach should be inform to avert the worst.


Honestly I’m not sure we’ll NEED that many more people.

The handful of us already doing it are probably gonna verify it pretty soon if it’s anywhere near the commercial market. It’s not that complex of a patent. Since this spring we seem to be averaging another couple possibilities ruled out each month. One way or another we’ve already chewed this idea down from a dozen scenarios to maybe 3 or 4.

I doubt we’ll go into 2009 without knowing whether this is gonna work or not.

If I were the rest of you guys watching this from the sidelines, I think I’d just sit back & let us risk our heads (and spend our money, and maybe even risk systemic immune system damage . . . ) until we hash it out for you. The worst that happens is you’re a month behind the leader while getting your drugs shipped.