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Sanjay - 5400+ FUHT grafts (12 mth update and 2nd HT)


Dear forum readers,
Previous update of Sanjay’s case can be seen at
They include pictures as well as video.

He visited us recently for covering the remaining bald areas (top vertex and crown).
This May 2008 procedure was performed utilising -
1416 Beard hair grafts + 2410 FUHT grafts.
Total 3826 grafts were transplanted at a lower density over the areas.

In following posts we shall present the picture record.

Dr. A




Wet hair pictures

Pictures of the crown/swirl area that was transplanted in May 2008. (Before transplant)


Sanjay had 26 beard hair grafts extracted and transplanted in his first HT an year ago (in 2007).
The healing of the facial donor areas was excellent as was the growth of the grafts.

Therefore, Sanjay choose to increase the donor graft availability by using beard hair grafts too.

Following are pictures of the facial donor area in May 2008.


2410 FUHT + 1416 beard hair grafts.

A closer look at the angulation of the beard hair

Picture of the graft placement


Looks good. BTW, in the other forum someone made a comment about this person not being caucasian. I thought Indians were caucasian. In fact, I’m pretty sure they are.


Dear forum readers,
Numerous patients research and plan their hair restorations.
The approach many of them choose can be educational for future patients.
Personal preferences, social mores, peer influence, economic situation (how much they want to spend - not how much they can), time constraints all have a part to play in the final plan.

There is no ONE right approach.

The logic behind a particular approach chosen may help the future patient decide their own approach.

Let us discuss this particular case.

Sanjay - a young Norwood 6 patient, with straight, fine calibre hair.

The first 2 choices in his mind -

  1. To go for a lower density FUSE/fue graft transplant (4000 grafts spread over the crown and top + deep recessions)and then keep a buzz cut.

  2. To go for a youthful hairline at good density (with strip FUHT or with FUSE/fue) and leave the crown-swirl area untouched in the first HT.

He chose the 2nd option.

At the end of 1 year he had his second choice-

  1. An equally high density in the crown + vertex,
  2. A thinner hair coverage, to be thickened later if desired.

Sunil chose to the second option.

As of May 2008, Sunil has recieved a total of 9200+ grafts (of which 1416 are from the beard area).

He still has -

  • Scalp FUSE/fue grafts,
  • Beard hair grafts,
  • Robust body donor hair,
    for future requirements.

Let me know if you have any queries.

Dr. A


» Looks good. BTW, in the other forum someone made a comment about this
» person not being caucasian. I thought Indians were caucasian. In fact,
» I’m pretty sure they are.

We get patients from different parts of the world.
Indian population itself has a very wide spectrum. From Caucasian to almost negroid to orientals. You will find all racial types.

In what context was the comment made?


Excellent work as usual.
Its truly amazing to see how you are stretching the boundaries turning NW 6 into almost full heads of hair. I never liked the previous approach of only framing the face and leaving the crown empty. As a hairloss sufferer, I wish hair all over my head.
I guess its because your clinic can tap in all type of donor hair successfully. Other doctors should take notice and learn from you. I hope they do.

Keep the results coming.