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Samumed looks like a BAD JOKE


All I’m gonna say is, if you look at and examine their results from start to finish, the whole thing looks like a disaster. One of the most overblown and disappointing medical studies I’ve ever seen, not just for hair loss drugs but for any kind of drug. It is so bad, don’t even know where to begin in criticizing it.


Come on Roger, tell us what you really think.

I agree that SM04554 appears to be disappointing but one thing I will say is
that SM04554 appears to continue growing new hair even after the patients stopped
applying it since the hair counts continue increasing, albeit very slowly. This may be
an improvement over current medical treatments because you may not have to
keep using SM04554.

What do you think about Kerastem?

  1. Even some subjects who were treated with the VEHICLE ONLY stated they experienced some new hair growth. In fact, the numbers of subjects treated with the vehicle only who claimed new hair growth, or were observed to have more hair, was statistically speaking (given small trial size and margin of error) no different from the subjects who were treated with the actual compound. That’s a huge red flag right there. Why weren’t those people immediately thrown out of the trial? The fact that they were apparently kept in the trial corrupts all the downstream data.

  2. The focus in the part 1 trial was on patients’ subjective feelings about their hair growth. Another huge red flag, and an embarrassingly outdated and unprofessional way of assessing results, for a company which claims to be doing ground-breaking research.

  3. Even where there is some “lag” with patients continuing to see hair growth after the end of the treatment, the additional growth is so minimal that, given everything else, it could still be ascribed to a placebo effect, statistical noise or other factors.

I could say a lot more about this, but I don’t even think Samumed is worth wasting time on.