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Same old story



at least 20 years away.


This has to be a joke right? I actually find this insulting to the balding community. How is this news, they must really be desperate for funding


Unless I’m missing something vital (quite likely), I was under the impression that this had been known for years:



its the same
old song
with a different feeling
now that you’ve been gone


Where does it say it is 20 years away?


But the forum is ready for another cure , its name is polix, pelox, palix or polux, can’t remember now, and this time is the legit one, of course :wink:


I don’t understand it all but I am sure these tidbits they post has something to do with money. As always, “further studies are needed”. I am guessing that is how they get funding most likely from tax dollars but who knows. Seems like they jump around from one research project to another.