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Robotic Recipient Site Creation

Hello all,

Wanted to update HairSite readers on the most recent development in robotic hair transplantation.

Dr. Robert M. Bernstein has been involved in developing and improving the ARTAS System for FUE and has been using the ARTAS at Bernstein Medical – Center for Hair Restoration since the fall of 2011. Recently (Feb 7th), Dr. Bernstein had the honor of introducing robotic recipient site creation to the ARTAS User Meeting in California. This new capability of the ARTAS robot will allow hair restoration surgeons to plan and program the creation of recipient sites on a per-patient basis. The robot can automatically avoid existing hairs as it creates up to 1500 recipient sites per hour. Now, with robotic recipient site creation and the prior capability of the extraction of follicular units, the ARTAS robot is one step away from automating the entire hair transplant procedure. Recipient site creation will be available for ARTAS users in the fall of 2014. Robotic follicular unit graft placement, the final step, will take two or more years of development before it is available.

Please see the press release we have posted on our website for details.

ARTAS Robotic System display monitor showing parameters for the creation of recipient sites

The ARTAS Robotic System maps the surgeon’s hairline design onto a 3-D model of the patient’s head

If you have any questions about the ARTAS robot or hair restoration at Bernstein Medical, please feel free to contact us!

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