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RIP Bryan Shelton

From a post on HLH:

"Hello everyone. It is with profound regret that I inform you that Bryan Shelton passed away this last Monday morning at the age of 63, due to the cumulative effects of mini strokes and perhaps a full stroke at the last. Family and friends first began to notice his occasional mild confusion beginning in August 2012, which worsened frighteningly quickly in the following months, but we were unable to convince him to see a doctor until July 2013. By that time, little could be done.

I know Bryan loved posting on hair loss forums, so whenever he stopped, it’s surely because he was no longer able to. (Difficulty using computers was one of the earliest warning signs.) I found this forum by searching Google for his name, and I thought you folks should know what became of him.

With deepest condolences and best wishes to all who cared about Bryan,

Blake Linton Wilfong
Houston, Texas "

He was one of the most knowledgeable posters on the forums.

This is absolutely terrible news. I’m really sorry to hear this.

Bryan was an extremely bright guy who knew a great deal about medicine. It comes as a surprise to me that he did not seek medical attention at the first outset of warning signs.

I always admired Bryan for his intellect and wealth of knowledge.

This is really a HUGE loss to the community. :frowning:

I’ve was thinking couple of weeks ago that I haven’t seen Bryan here and on another acne forum for a while now. I just assumed he didn’t wanna spend time here anymore.

RIP Bryan

I’m very sorry for Bryan and his family. Bryan (if it’s the Bryan I’m thinking of) was a very knowledgable and astute contributor to the forums.

Thanks for posting. Bryan has been active in hair loss forums since the very early days at alt.baldspot (Usenet). He was a very knowledgeable man, and extremely respected in all the hairloss forums. RIP, Bryan.

Sad news, he was a great guy!

Very sad news.

He was the one who got me onto finasteride by showing me the graphs where hair counts were maintained over a 5 year period. It gave me hope in my deepest days of despair as I got on and stayed on finasteride ever since.

It helped me preserve the hair I have for a lot longer than I would have.

Thank you Bryan and rest in peace brother.

That is very sad, I was there at alt.baldspot with Bryan and ernie and shell games and all that kind of stuff. There are thousands upon thousands of posts by Bryan and he contributed a lot, a long time with everyone trying to work out the puzzle of keeping hair on our heads…

If you search google for “bryan ernie alt.baldspot” the first result is

The history of alt.baldspot is divided into two major sections: BE and AE (Before Ernie, and After Ernie). I started posting there approximately 7 years BE, but haven’t done much since in the AE era, for obvious reasons.


I too encountered Bryan Shelton on alt.baldspot during the BE years. It was a great information resource.

Those were the days.

Is Ernest Primeau still spamming alt.baldspot?

Oh no, that’s terrible news. RIP Bryan, I hope you are in a better place now. Thank you for all your help in the past.

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