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Revolutionary Dr.UGraft™ Hair Transplant System for a near flawless FUE result


A new breakthrough technology from Dr. U’s hair clinic.

The success of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant procedures relies heavily on the skills and expertise of the physician. It takes years and even decades of practice and training before a surgeon becomes truly experienced with FUE.

Dr. U’s hair clinic is always at the forefront in hair restoration technology. For the first time Dr. U introduces a revolutionary system that changes how FUE is done.

Backed by several groundbreaking patented technologies, Dr.UGraft™ Hair Transplant System dramatically increases the likelihood of a near flawless FUE procedure for virtually any practitioner.

As illustrated in the video below, Dr.UGraft™ Hair Transplant System is a dumbed-down procedure which minimizes physician interference while maximizing accuracy in execution.

Watch this near hands-free harvesting procedure using The Intelligent Punch (Dr. UPunch i ™) to do the hard work of donor extraction for the physician. The usual fears and steep learning curve in FUE hair transplant associated with higher skill sets requirement, depth control, punch misalignment, torsion injury, and desiccation etc all appear to be a lot less intimidating with this new innovative technology.

Dr. UGraft™ Hair Transplant System is the only linear scar free hair transplant surgery system that empowers the surgeon with convenience, speed and accuracy while optimizing wound healing and graft survival via its hydration system features. Dr.UGraft hydration system is not a suction device and delivers life-sustaining chilled physiologic fluid to each graft scored to help nurture it while minimizing graft handling via its innovative foot pedal control graft rescue system that it delivers through a patented hand piece called Dr.UGraft Nurture™

Behold, the Dr.UGraft Hair Transplant Revolution. Empowering doctors and transforming lives.

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More About Dr.UGraft: https://ugraft.com


Looks like a great device! It looks like the diameter of this device is larger than the standard tool… does that make it more likely that there will be visible scars if used on the beard area? Thanks.