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Reversing Grey Hair


There is a pretty active community of people who are trying to reverse grey hair on this forum:


They have lots of guys who are trying experiments and reporting their progress (or lack thereof) with some new products on the market. It’s the most active community of people experimenting with stuff to reverse grey hair that I’ve seen.

If you’re interested, check it out.


I found that Pura D’or Shampoo for Gray Hair Prevention works well to stop more gray hair from popping up for me. Have you use it before. I just started using it but its been working well so far. I have no new grays.


Thanks for this!!


I Suggest to contact laofoye for grey hair and other hair problems.they providing excellent service for all your hair problem using natural remedies.


If its amonia free than I can only use it.


Instead of dyeing hair, I prefer to combat grey hair with natural remedies. Eating couple of Currey leaves daily can slower the hair greying process.




Many youngsters who are in their 20’s want to reverse gray hair as they feel quite embarrassed at social gatherings. Thanks for sharing this information