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Replicel Shiseido hair growth update 2018


Any updates from Replicel Shiseido for their hair growth hair regeneration update? Isn’t it supposed to be available this year in Japan? It’s 2018 already.


Replicel and also update for Histogen please.


There is no update from Schiseido. To my knowledge, Replicell is not conducting any trials at the moment. Histogen is dead or at least their program is dead regarding hair regeneration.
I saw though some sort of list of intensions by Replicell circulating the news. It looked very similar to one of those new year’s resolution lists whereupon you promise things that you are going to do.


This is from Replicel’s Shareholder Update announced earlier this month.

"In 2018, shareholders should expect to see:

Data from the clinical research being funded by Shiseido in Japan measuring the benefit of RCH-01 injections in men and women suffering from hair loss due to androgenic alopecia.

Data from the research program at UBC identifying different genetic marker expression profiles of various cell populations in the hair follicle with an aim of potentially improving cell selection, manufacturing, and clinical outcomes."


So, from the above we can infer that clinical outcomes, so far, have not been good. So they need to do additional research that they had never done before.

How long has Replicel been around? Since 2011? Their initial line of research for hair regrowth was culturing “Dermal Sheath Cup Cells”. This was supposed to provide hair regrowth so good that it could be commercialized.

Now, after 7 years, they suddenly have to do more research to improve cell selection. How bad have their results been, anyway? I’m almost afraid to hear the answer.


Histogen’s hair research is dead? I thought they were partnering with a company in China to bring HSC to market.

btw, I am afriad Roger is right about Replicel, why do they need to do more research to improve hair follicle cell selection if the technology that Shiseido licensed is a winner !