RepliCel Provides Update on Shiseido License and Co-Development for RCH-01

Thanks for that, scarro.

Wow… This Replicel press release reveals a rift between Replicel and its partner, Shiseido. A potential contract dispute over Replicel not yet conducting its planned Phase II trials, due to “financial constraints”.

This does not look too good. Apparently the contract called for Replicel to provide Shiseido (which had already paid Replicel for a license in Asia), data from its Phase II trials. But the trials haven’t been done yet and Shiseido is complaining. Replicel’s answer is that the contract didn’t say when the Phase II trials were supposed to have been done. I think Replicel is anticipating being sued by its partner, which may prevent Replicel from realizing any royalties from sales in Asia. In fact, the press release doesn’t even give a hint as to when Phase II clinical trials will be done. If they’re having financial problems and can’t keep promises in a contract already, how will that look to any potential new investors they might be seeking to bail them out of these financial problems?

I think the reason mentioned in the press release is the BEST case scenario. The worst case may be that Replicel is delaying the trials because the product isn’t very good and they don’t want that to get out yet. Just speculating here, but this looks very negative for Replicel.

Replicel never has been trustworthy IMO. This looks like more of the same. Selling the tech before it exists and hoping they can develop it with that cash quickly enough to keep their heads above water.

Agreed, at this point, it looks like the Riken/Tsuji team looks more promising.