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Replicel : Phase II Hair trials in 2014

David Hall mentions Phase II will start towards the end of the interview.

They are also pursing other avenues for their stem cell therapy including
muscle repair and stuff.

I think the company has its product development strategy well thought out -
even if their hair trials prove to be ho hum. I do think their tendon repair
concept might have a better shot at succeeding.

Lets hope they don’t make the same mistake of creating marketing hype before
the results are in hand as they did with Phase I.

They should lower the bar for success. Success should be defined as retaining
/maintaining the volume of hair you have rather than regrowing new hair. If
they can demonstrate the former with a couple of injections every 6 months,
they have something worth millions.

The fact that they’re branching off into different lines of business – tendon repair, etc. – does not augur too well for their hairloss research. This isn’t even really a “spillover” from the hair research because that was based on a very specific cell type found only in the hair follicle. There’s no analog to the dermal cup sheath cell in a muscle tendon. We’re talking two completely different tissue types.

Think of it this way – if the hair research was really promising, if they have something potentially earth shattering that they’re sitting on and just waiting to announce at the right time, would they really be moving into tendon repair at this late stage of the game?

Disagree. Their hair cure angle was high risk since nobody in the history of man has ever cured baldness. So likelyhood of failure was a near given. This is why I talked about lowering the bar as a safer bet. Too late for that now.

That alone does not prove their company has nothing of value.

I have not read enough into it but from what I gather, they’ve found that DSC cells are not fully differentiated. Apparently they can serve as progenitor cells to bone tissue and other tissues as well?? I haven’t read through the research throughly but I vaguely recall reading something like the above. There is apparently some evidence in the scientific literature which supports this as well which unthinkable they published.

Of course someone could say if DSC didn’t work well for their hair research, why should we believe they have any credibility on any other front. However event A in this case has no connection to event B.

From a business development stand point for a startup company, the more applications they can find for their product the better. It’s a low cost way to expand the product portfolio. The hope is that it works well for at least one of the areas they are targeting from a profit angle. A good strategy that does not put all eggs in one basket.

This tendon repair stuff sounds in line with the PRP hype except they are trying to add scientific rigor and proven experimental authority and of course a patent to their claims. PRP as you know has appeal to consumer from the sports injury prespective even without proof. Something with proof would be a money maker.

They are taking the right step from the business prespective.

It’s not a bad sign that they found another use for their tech. It’s a bad sign that they were looking for one.

As for overhyping the stock last time, why are you so sure that was a mistake? Or that they really minded even if it was?

I don’t think its a bad sign that they are looking for other uses of their
technology. That’s the way any business should operate - investigating
multiple areas where their technology might prove beneficial.

If it only proves to be marginally effective for hair but very effective for
sports medicine, they might decide to concentrate their resources on B and
perhaps later on A.

There is no guarantee that their technology will work for all or any of what
they are targeting. That’s what a start-up company is all about.

Anyway I hope they get somewhere with their Phase 2 trials. They really need
to lower the bar to retention rather than regrowth.

@ Freddie,
Hove you tried Indomethacin? As far as Im concerned stoping hair loss is achieved

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