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Regrettable result of a hair transplant in quirón clinic with dr ruipérez

Hello guys,

It’s a shame that a doctors that knows in his internal jurisdiction that it’s not prepared to perform an specific procedure he doesn’t care and does anyway, then seat back in his chair waiting to see what is the outcome, why?, for money?, maybe it’s an utopia that medical practice should be above economical interests right?, maybe for training?, I have nothing against doctor to perform training but those cases should be of mutual agreement, by one side the patient doesn’t pay for his procedure expecting to get a good job and the doctor can do his training and it could be a win win situation but without the right of complaining. But those cases where the patient pay religiously in the belief that he’s putting himself in the hands of an expertise and get a shitty work in exchange of his innocence those cases makes me sick.

Please see the result obtained by this patient in a famous and reputed clinic in Spain and let me know your opinion.

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well I am very respectfully disagree with you that not very doctor do the things wihich you have been discused above there might the experince and lack of considration by the attende in the hair trasplant surgery for better and natural permanent you need get proper counsultation and treatment form highly recognizes clinic such best hair restoration clinic in Pakistan have experience surgeons …

Excuse me?, me no comprende you…

Your post is just spam.

This is highly suspect. The guy in the video does not look spaniard, he actually looks hispanic. Plus, the backdrop of the video looks like its from Chicago not europe. This very much looks like the work of a displeased patient, disappointed with his transplant results and is trolling the doctor as revenge. I’ve seen this shit before many times when patients become angry at their docs they upload vids trashing him to hurt his clinic’s reputation.

Very unprofessional and sick. Be a real man and stop this shit

I don’t know you ZLAER Im seeing that you’re here since last October 2019, I’m here since 2006, everyone from old times knows who I am, and knows that I’m legit and my content always legit so please refrain to make false accusations and look at yourself before to judge others.

And by the way, the patient has all the right to blame his doctor for the shitty work, period.

I’ve been on this site since 2002 under another username when they talked about cloning and hair multiplication (longer than you have) and on various ones since Baubac started his in the 2000s. You’re not a familiar voice on this site. You dont seem legit given the quality of your vid. So stop your childish falsehoods and troll someplace else not here.

Oh yeah, I doubt theres a patient attached to that false accusation since youre doing the video not him. PERIOD.

I don’t know nothing about other usernames but by this name zlaer you dont sounds familiar to me either.

Regarding the video I share bad experiences from users around the globe that were bad operated as in my case, so no trolling from my part.

And here you have the original thread posted by the patient, oh yes!, there is a real patient attached to the experience shared in my video.



I dont care if youre not familiar with my username or not. I can give 2 excrements about it. I’ve been here a very long time, read and seen a lot on this forum and on others in europe. But never have I come across you. So I dont know from what rock you crawled.

As to your link its so easy to make a post then mangle it into a video complaint. Rant all you want I dont give a you know what.

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