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Regenerating teeth


I think this story is in line with what we are all trying to accomplish with hair:

I’m certain this technology probably has parallels to hair regeneration. I think we should keep an eye as to how long it takes for this to become mainstream. That might give us some indication as to when a real breakthrough in hair regeneration leads to something commercial.



If somebody intent to write (related) comments like these …

… first of all, you should at least carefully read the following ABSTRACT:

Journal of Investigative Dermatology (2007) 127, 2098–2100. doi:10.1038/sj.jid.5700947

Defining Hair Follicles in the Age of Stem Cell Bioengineering

Cheng-Ming Chuong1, George Cotsarelis2 and Kurt Stenn3

After that, if somebody is really interested in “cloning of teeth”, you may find the following website interesting:


“A tooth, strangely enough, is an awful lot like hair, and a fingernail is a lot like a hair too, so those are areas where a lot of what they are working on can be translated into hair growth. […] Hair is a lot tougher because its an organ and it has a three dimensional structure with multiple cells types.”
(Quote K. Washenik, 2002)


My friend, they will be able to grow teeth on your head long before they ever figure out how to grow back hair there. :stuck_out_tongue: They’ve already been able to repair damaged eyes using stem cells, regenerate lungs and bladders…eventually the heart and many other organs, soon there won’t be anything they can’t fix-except hair, trust me. lol

But kidding aside, I read elsewhere they’ve made some progress in regrowing skin including hair, sweat glands, etc. So perhaps there may be an alternate route to getting our hair back.

I deeply, deeply regret not making much better use of my good looks when I was in my early 20s. I took my beautiful dark hair for granted (not to brag, but it was amazing and people used to tell me I should get into modelling-I just didn’t have the confidence at the time) and had opportunities galore with the opposite sex.

Now in my 30s I’m far from being bald but its thinned drastically and looks nothing like it did before, plus I’ve put on some weight (but I’ve been athletic all my life so I will eventually take it off).

Some women still find me attractive, but the attention I get now is nowhere near the level I used to-but I was far too focused on my career to have all the relationships I wanted. You don’t know what you got till its gone.


There is also this: