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Read This!


Hello everyone!

Read below and follow exactly as I do. YOU COULD DEFINITIVELY do more than just Finasteride.

First of all, stop buying Propecia unless you have absolutely no money limits. I do not buy Propecia, google Finpecia; it’s the generic drug name Finasteride, it comes from India and I’ve been taking it for about 1 1/2 years. It takes about 3 weeks to arrive.

Also, increase your dose to 1mg in the morning and 1mg at night. If you can’t get an erection go back to 1mg per day unless you don’t have a girlfriend or don’t have much sex.

I strongly believe that Biotin is being wrongly undermined. Biotin WILL NOT stop hair-loss BUT SHOULD be used to thicken the hair. It works VERY VERY WELL. In only 2 weeks you will realize that your hair feels much heavier, thicker. I’m taking 7,500mg per day along with Finasteride, Procerin (pill and lotion)and Minoxidil 5%. It’s obviously important to specify that I DO NOT take all these products at the same time; I do 3-6-month cycles. I’ve been taking Finasteride for just over 2 years and I’m now taking 1mg in the morning and 1mg in the afternoon and this works amazingly well. I diet, workout, dance, take vitamins, don’t smoke, don’t do drugs and have absolutely no side-effects for taking this increased dose of Finasteride.
Right now i’m taking Finasteride, Biotin and Procerin lotion.
I switch between Procerin lotion and Minoxidil every 4-6 months. I never stop taking Finasteride and Biotin, and every 6 months I add 2 months of Procerin pill on top of Finasteride.

I have to say that it is EXTREMELY important to stop EVERYTHING for about 2-4 weeks every 6 months to let the body take a break so when you start again, all these products work better.

I’m 27 and I was Norwood II (close to III); I’m now moving closer to Norwood I after 2 years.

I read in another forum that some people have erection problems and many go straight to Viagra. I HAVE NOT erection issues but have passion for sex and like to have sex for many hours. I take a natural pill called StreeOverlord, it comes from Japan and works great. No side-affects and it won’t give you an erection out-of-nowhere, if the mood is right you’ll get a lasting erection. Viagra is way too excessive. I don’t think Finasteride kills the libido; I could reduce it, but if you have major erection issues, don’t blame it all to Finasteride. To me, having good hair is as important as having an erection. I NEED BOTH TO BE HAPPY. Quitting Finasteride should not be an option.

Good luck.


hey thanks for the info, do you mean 7500 mcg of biotin which would be 7.5 mgs, im asking cause i live in canada and like everything else either we cant get it up here, or its to expensive, ive been trying to find something to help thicken my hair, as ive had transplants, ive recently tried biosil for a few months, useless, and ive been looking to try biotin @ 5 mg but cant get it up here and the shipping costs are rediculous, im going to the states soon and will pick some up, im also interested in trying maca as debris has said it thickened his hair up and its supposed to be good for libido as well, pls clarify. whats procerin? thanks



Yes, it’s called Megabiotin and it comes 7,500mcg (7.5mg). If you come to the states, stop by Vitamin Shoppe, they stock it but you should find a store and give them a call to make sure they have plenty for when you arrive. It costs about U$D15 for 50 pills. You should buy for 6 months or a whole year. If they don’t have that many bottles, order online and ship it to where you will stay here in the US.

Procerin: DON’T even doubt it, go buy Procerin pills and lotion today; it does work along with Finasteride.
Let me know.


» Procerin: http://www.procerin.com

Those before/after photos are obviously bogus. And the quality of the “study” they are referring to is laughable at best. It’s not a blinded study! In fact, it does not even have a control group! And no objective measurements in terms of hairs/area or hair thickness?!? Just a questionnaire if they are satisified. :smiley: Come on! That’s kindergarten science. And their website is so full of BS, I don’t even know where to begin! Then again, even the websites for FDA approved products backed by huge amounts of solid, sound science contain a lot of BS…

» DON’T even doubt it, go buy Procerin pills and lotion today; it does work
» along with Finasteride.

Not to be rude, but when someone comes along and their first posts are promoting a specific product, it makes me very suspicious.

Regarding generic finasteride, you are right, there’s very little reason not to buy it if you have a reliable source.

When it comes to the amount of finasteride to take daily, there’s data showing the efficiency of various doses. Just use the search feature :slight_smile: It is up to each individual to decide what dose is optimium in given the side effect to efficiency ratio. Keep in mind that Proscar, which is FDA approved for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia, contains 5mg finasteride.


i was most interested in the biotin, but most of what i read recommends 5mg, and this is something i wouldnt try long term, im weary of using anything long term, even natural, i have used propecia when was younger, for a couple yrs, but it did nothing for me, i would like to try avodart but ive had beard hair transplanted to a scar, so any sort of dht inhibitor may have a negative affect on that growth, not to mention any side effects, appreciate the info!


I don’t think Finasteride kills the libido; I could reduce it, but if you have major erection issues, don’t blame it all to Finasteride.

I guess you know how my body reacts to a drug better than I do, huh?


So how long were you using 1 mg of Fin TWICE a day? And how much more significant were your results?


seems this one got scared when he realized there are ppl around that know more then he does^^