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Rassman is a good man

i think he is just realistic. and he doesnt say “HM is 30 (now 10) years away” coz he wants to sell his ht’s, he just gives an educated speculation.

at least he isnt personally brainwashed coz of his hairloss. it sounds logical what he says. when icx wasnt there it was realistic that it was decades away. rassman knew that bazan and gho were destinated to fail (i dont think they were fake or liers, they just werent good enough (as you can imagine with a one-person science)). now he says 10 years (for a perfect (or at least good) HM). that sounds quite realistic.

so why you attack rassman. i believe his speculation after my own guesses more than the speculation in this forum.

i dont know. so i can only speculate too. but i wont. this forum is good coz people catch information from somewhere on the web or from media and post it here. but i think for speculation it fails. remind, rassman is a doctor and knows better than most guys in here how science works.

at least we have someone like rassman who makes guesses. i wished there was a scientist or doctor not involved in HM or HT who would make guesses about HM. but there you see, noone is interested in HM despite some bio-technologists or stock analysts who bought stocks from icx.

why the hell do you think is the icx stock so low? i heard an analyst say the chance that HM happens is 20 %. well i dont put anything on this guess coz the guy didnt know much. but rassman is someone who really cares. and i think he makes good guesses. they are realistic. they may be wrong at the end but they are realistic. and everything what counts at the end is reality…not dream.

I refuse to read all of your messages written in stream-of-conciousness with no capitalization and egregiously incorrect punctutaion. Are you on meds?

You really need to stop rambling, your posts absolutely make no sense whatso ever. When I can make sense of your post you constantly contradict your other posts.
The funny thing is you support Rassman he is an HT doctor and a bad one at that. If people found out HM was around the corner they wouldn’t go to him and hold out for it. He knows this and trys to tell everyone its in a distant future and trys to just appear helpful. Rassman just does this as a PR gimick to get people into his office for an HT. You my friend are as naive as they get to not believe he isn’t driven by money and just being nice. Also what makes you think any other doctor would be able to give us a better estimate then the estimates that Intercytex have given. Nobody knows better as to what is going on than Intercytex themself. Without knowing a doctor working for Intercytex all we have is there estimates.
So go take some meds work on your english and stop listening to all this speculation you’ll be better off.

» I refuse to read all of your messages written in stream-of-conciousness
» with no capitalization and egregiously incorrect punctutaion. Are you on
» meds?

Benji, did you spell check " punctuaion" ?:stuck_out_tongue:

man you are really mental. every post and every thread shows you need to seriously talk to a psychiatrist.

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