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Rare interview with Dr. Ray Woods - inventor of FUE & BHT hair transplant

I just came across this rare interview with Dr. Ray Woods, the inventor of FUE and BHT hair tranplant. Dr. Ray Woods rarely does interviews and seldom attends hair transplant conferences to promote his work.

Very informative video; you also get to see that he is a very charismatic man in the video.

Dr. Ray Woods website is http://www.woodstechnique.com.au if you want to find out more about the man who invented FUE & BHT and brought these techniques to mainstream.

The information Dr. Woods provided in this interview was quite enlightening. The interviewer seemed to know her stuff and asked questions to which Woods gave answers.

We’ve all heard about ’ air guitar .’ I think during the interview, watching his hands, Woods pulled off the first ’ air HT ’ ever.

Very informative interview with some very important points covered.

Great interview!

I hope, your interview will be fine

no idea who you are…but my best wishes in your future endeavours…i trust they will be " fine"