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Rahal Megasession/4103 Grafts/12 Months/FUT


This patient traveled from Italy to have his diffused pattern of loss thickened as much as possible in one procedure. He kept his hair long to help hide the diffused loss as much as possible. Dr. Rahal and his team placed 4103 grafts in one procedure via FUT. Placement was primarily into the hairline and the front half of the patient’s scalp. With the increased density at 12 months post-op he has more styling options for his hair as shown in the below photos.


Looks good. But it also seems like a lot of grafts given that the area seemed to have at the very least, half coverage with existing hairs. In the intraoperative pic, the placement looks so dense that existing hairs may have been affected. Joe, can you explain how it is doctors avoid damaging existing hairs when it appears the head is shaved so close before the operation? Thanks.