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R61 - 2920 strip FUHT grafts (15 months update) Dr. A\'s Clinic

R61 - (nickname), underwent 2920 strip FUHT grafts. 15 months update.

R61 - 2920 strip FUHT grafts (15 months update) Dr. A's Clinic from Arvind poswal on Vimeo.

R61 - (nickname), underwent 2920 strip FUHT grafts. 15 months update.

A comparison picture

Before pictures

After pictures

I am sorry but this doesn’t appeal to me at all.

Dear Chris,
There is no need to be sorry for posting your opinion. Give me more number of grafts and we can deliver something like this NW 1 hairline

or this
NW 1 hairline for Caucasian pt

However, something readers forget at times - we try to give wide array of results so the prospective patients may choose their hair restoration plan.

We believe that the patient be educated and then make his decision on the type of HT he wants. We do not want a standard size fit all type of HTs. HT has to be customized according to the needs and abilities of the patient.

Factors to consider -

  1. Economics - How much does the patient want to spend. He may know he can go for 10,000 grafts but wants to use only 3000 at present. It should be his choice and we make sure it is.

  2. Image - The image he/she wants to project after the hair transplant. This actor does not want a NW 2 hairline as the character he portrays in the TV serial would not suit that hairline ACP Pradyuman (@ TV serial CID)

  3. Donor - The available donor supply : Some people are not as fortunate and may have limited donor supply but extensive hairloss
    NW 7 - Less is more approach
    Zayden - impossible HT repair

Therefore, we present the entire spectrum of cases for the readers so they can make their own informed choice.
Dr. A

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