Question for Dr. Arvind, Dr. Umar, and others

I have been reading about acell technology, and wondered if it could be utilised for human hair regeneration. The products are FDA approved, and have been used extensively in the veterinary field. In many case studies, skin and hair have been regenerated in the healing process of large animal wounds. It may not be effective for human hair, but I think it should be worth some experimentation since it is a readily available and safe product. I invite you to research this material and share your thoughts. I wonder if, for example when doing FUE transplants could acell could be applied to the extraction wounds and encourage regeneration of hair follicles, thus replenishing the donor area? Even if it won’t regenerate human hair, perhaps it could improve the healing rate of both donor and transplant sites, and increase the yield of viable grafts? Or, in the case of BHT which we have seen in many cases takes on some of the characteristics of scalp hair, perhaps acell could improve this aspect?