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PROVOCATIVE QUESTION: When can HTs begin getting more aggressive?


WAIT! Don’t flame me.
I don’t need cautioning advice. I’m not thinking about running off to Armani and doing anything stupid.

But I’m just saying what most of us have probably thought about recently. Even the more conservative HM predictions are beginning to put it well inside of a decade now. (And remember, not everybody with MPB is aggressively losing hair during their 20s with a whole family of NW#6’s either. For some guys with slower loss & smaller final loss patterns, this traditionally-reckless question may actually begin to get valid soon.)

What would it take (just for YOU personally) to consider being a bit more risky with a HT?

Good photo results from ICX?
Phase III going commerical?
Announced final pricing & release dates?
The rich/famous begin looking hairier?
HM is available overseas (pre-FDA)?


Good photo results from ICX


Good photo results from ICX &
Phase III going commerical


Good photo results would be good enough for me. If for some unforseen reason the photos are provided but ICX TRC never pans out, I would just then move on to option B. Suicide.