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Propicia vs Adovart


I am currently taking proscar but I am considering transferring to Adovart, could you please also give me advice on the best option. I really am unsure, the only real difference is Adovart’s half life I think, but that it dramatically reduces DHT by over 90% compared to proscar at 70%, will there be a benefit to transferring?

I take half a tablet of proscar a day along with using the rogaine foam twice a day in the morning and evening. I am still losing a little hair possible about 40 or a little more a day, but they are normal size hairs, so there is still some coming out.

Came you please give me the much appreciated advice, and along with your recommendations and possible advances in hair loss research.


I have read where people have great success, even experience regrowth when switching from propecia to Dut. But I have also read where people have started to have a serious shed when switching.

Before you switch make sure you are in it for the long term, atleast a year. Don;t freak out at the signs of any shedding and switch back, you’ll end up worse off. Give it time to work.


you know, actually it depends on everyone’s body, the only way to find out if it’ll be better or worse for you, is to try it out. cause depending on everyones body reactions to drugs, some ppl indeed have experienced improvement, some were disappointed

my opinion is that as long as Propecia is doing it’s job you shouldn’t switch, as for the thin hair you might try some topicals