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Prohairclinic - 3500 FUE


Patient : Norwood class 6

The plan : 2 mega FUE sessions, totalling 5500 grafts

June 2009 : Step 1, covering zone 1+2 with 3500 FUE grafts

The video of his result after only 8 months after his first megasession :

We used all manual exctraction (0.80mm) and implantation protocols (forceps). A special diffuse pattern was used for the extraction in order to minimize the donor thinning. The hairs per graft count was an average of 2.0 hairs per graft.

This week the patient returned for his second session. During this procedure 2000 FUE grafts where placed in zone 3 and 4.
We will update at the end of 2010 with footage of the final result of both sessions.

We estimate the patient will have another 500-1000 grafts available in his donor for FUE transplantation before the donor will become cosmetically thinning. Obviously if the patient desires a more agressive donor plan he can get at least 2000 or more FUE grafts.