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Polysorbate 80 and Menthol


Poster Mopless, on another forum, came across this patent application. It has similar ingrediants to another topical being discussed there as well, called Dr. Miracles Nape and Hair Balm.
I’d welcome opinions and comments re this.

BTW, menthol is available in crystal form or as a liquid. Menthol is derived from Peppermint Oil.

Sweet White Lupine is more difficult to locate. Something called Anageline can be derived from the lupine and supposidly has hair growth properties.

“Ran across this browsing around. Since it’s relative to Polysorbate 80, I though I would post it.”

Summary: The present inventions contemplate a simple composition which none-the-less provides an improved treatment for counteracting and controlling hair loss. These inventions relate to or employ some steps and elements apparatus well known in the art and therefore, not the subject of detailed discussion herein.

Polysorbate 60 and polysorbate 80 have been used in hair treatment formulations, perhaps as an emulsifying cleanser, but also for its alleged ability to inhibit DHT and the negative influence it has on new hair growth. The efficacy of polysorbates for this purpose has been supported by anecdotal evidence but not, insofar as this inventor is aware, by clinical testing.

The author of the present inventions has engaged in research, and experimentation in the field of hair care products for a number of years. As a dandruff treatment, she investigated the use of polysorbate 80, procured from the Nourishair Company in the form of a thick gel. She found that, when following the suppliers recommended procedure of applying the product twenty minutes before shampooing, polysorbate 80 (P80) and, for that matter, polysorbate 60 (P60) worked well for dandruff removal in a series of trials. Based on this experience, she used the product on a number of subjects over a period of ten years.

For antiseptic purposes and tactile response, she subsequently decided to add an amount of menthol to the polysorbate 80. After experimentation with other solvents and methods, this was found to be best accomplished by dissolving menthol crystals in isopropyl alcohol and adding the solution to P80. This composition seemed to work even better for dandruff removal, so she used it in continuing trials and began selling it to others.

After a short time, a number of her subjects came back with unsolicited reports of new hair growth, suspecting that the dandruff treatment might be responsible. Upon examination, new growth, generally in the form of vellous hair, was confirmed in virtually every such instance. This experience continued, until it suddenly occurred to the author that the fine, vellous hairs might be thickened by the addition of lupine protein to the treatment. This was done by the addition of lupine protein, procured from RITA Corporation of Woodstock, Ill. to the P80/menthol base. Treatment of the subjects who had exhibited vellous new hair growth with the lupine protein formulation produced positive results in thickening of the hair shafts after a period of two to three months.

After experimentation with a range of formula variations it is thought that the synergism of P80 and menthol for stimulating new hair growth can be achieved with menthol contents as low as 6% and as high as 35%, and that any lupine protein content in the range of 15% too 35% will work for thickening the new hair growth.

Found here: http://www.freepatentsonline.com/7041636.html

I’ve heard of menthol helping hairloss, think there is anything to this?